Soil Stabilization

JB Holland is developing new markets in the soil stabilization market. JB Holland utilizes Flyash (a waste product from coal fired power plants), Cement Powder or Hydrated Lime to blend with the soil to improve soil quality. By using these products, JB Holland can manipulate the in-place soils to achieve the results required by the project.

Stabilization generally is used in one of the following three ways:


    Moisture Conditioning reduces the soil moisture content of the in-place soil allowing the soil to be compacted to the required density.  Stabilization materials greatly reduce the amount of time required to dry the soils in comparison to naturally aerating the soil by disking.  This method is used when mother nature will not dry the soils rapidly enough to maintain the level of production required by a project’s schedule.


    Certain soil types are adherently weak and will not support the loading requirements of the project.  By utilizing stabilization materials, JB Holland will improve the load bearing capacity of the soil.  This is achieved by the cementacious characteristics of the stabilization materials.  The use of stabilization for soil improvements can often reduce the amount of subgrade rock required and even eliminate it, eliminate the need for engineering fabrics and grids and help decrease the final slab thickness.  It will also increase the useful life of the slab reducing the need for costly repairs in the future.


    Certain soil types tend to swell with changes in their moisture content.  Utilizing stabilization underneath structures, JB Holland can reduce the potential for slab heave which can lead to costly repairs or even structure failure.

Crystal Lake Windmill Project, Crystal Lake, IA

  • General Contractor: D.H. Blattner & Sons, Avon, MN

Galbraith Grain Terminal, Galbraith, IA

  • Owner: General Development West, Salt Lake City, UT

Amaizing Energy Ethanol Plant, Atlantic, IA

  • Owner: Amaizing Energy Atlantic, Atlantic, IA

US Bio Dyersville Ethanol Plant, Dyersville, Iowa

  • Owner: US Bio Energy, Inver Grove Heights, MN

Emmetsburg Municipal Airport, Emmetsburg, IA

  • Owner: Allied Construction Co., Charles City, IA

Big River Resources Grinnell Ethanol Plant, Grinnell, IA

  • Owner: Big River Resources, West Burlington, IA

Newton Biodiesel Facility, Newton, Iowa

  • Owner: Central Iowa Energy, Newton, IA
  • General Contractor: Todd & Sargent, Ames, IA

Super Wal-Mart, Platteville, Wisconsin

  • General Contractor: Corporate Construction, Inc., Madison, WI

Washington Bio-Diesel Facility, Washington, IA

  • General Contractor: DeLong Construction, Inc., Washington, IA

US Bio Albert City Ethanol Plant, Albert City, IA

  • Owner: US Bio Energy, Inver Grove Heights, MN

ASA Albion 100 MMGY Ethanol Plant, Albion, NE

  • Owner: ASA Albion, LLC, Albion, NE

East Fork Bio-Diesel Facility, Algona, Iowa

  • General Contractor: Todd & Sargent, Ames, IA

Postville Wastewater Facility Contract I, Postville, IA

  • Owner: City of Postville, IA

Wapello County ER-90(37)58-90

  • Owner: Iowa Dept. of Transportation, Des Moines, IA

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